2 line cordless phone

2_line_cordless_phoneThe 2 line cordless phone for business varies from business-to-business.  For the smaller office a solitary cordless phone will allow you to make calls when you’re outside having a break but you won’t be able to shuttle between two separate conversations.  We have loads of these here.

In larger offices a 2 line cordless phone has to be feature-friendly allowing you to answer and transfer a call as well as putting it on hold while making another – without having to have a degree!   2_line_cordless_phone.pdf

2_line_cordless_phone_5120Wi-Fi or DECT? That is the question with 2 line cordless phone technologies?  Normally it’s the latter as dect connects to you phone system with analogue extensions while WiFi integrates through an IP port.  The environment could force you to use one of these technology routes purely due to speech clarity and the lack of black spots as they operate in different frequency bands.

If you already have a wireless LAN then choosing a 2 line cordless phone like the Samsung SMTi-W5120
(25% OFF from TelephoneSystemsDirect), would be a wise choice giving full PABX features throughout your site: no need for additional Wireless Access Points having to be installed – this would result in an overall saving even though handset prices are generally higher.

2_line_cordless_phone_platTelephone Systems Direct has a selection of 2 line cordless phone models from BT, Panasonic, Siemens ………and some others….some come with answer-phone machine built in…..in single, dual, triple, packages…..up to networks of 128 handsets.

Call us on 0800 652 8052 for 2 line cordless phone advice.

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