2 line phone system

2_line_phone_systemA 2 line phone system is a great starting point for any business or indeed a home worker. A 2 line phone system means that when a call is coming into the building the chance of the caller receiving an engaged tone is reduced, this we feel is a big advantage to your customers or clients.

2_line_phone_system_phoneA 2 line phone system gives you the flexibility to perform necessary tasks crucial to swift office running. A 2 line phone system allows conferencing but do bear in mind that if this is something which you use a lot then you will be tying up both channels on a 2 line phone system so upgrading your 2 line phone system could be a requirement.

2_line_phone_system.pdf VIDEO DEMOS

2_line_phone_system_platA small 2 line phone system can easily be upgraded up to a 4, 6 or 8 channel just dial one of our experts on 0800 652 8052 who will explain fully a 2 line phone system.

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