2nd User Telephone Systems

2nd_user_telephone_systemsWith the economy being as it is you would think that purchasing 2nd user telephone systems is a sensible choice.

However here at Telephone Systems Direct we discount new products by 25% off retail price meaning that with our help we will ensure that with careful planning and expertise advise there is no need to go down the 2nd user telephone systems route.  2nd_user_telephone_systems.pdf

2nd_user_telephone_systems_plat2nd user telephone systems means that you will be limited on features which could prove essential to your business, such as Voice Mail, Call Record, to name but 2. We will talk to you about 2nd user telephone systems of course, but when you realise that from ordering lines, pre-install guidance, maintaining and even organizing least cost routing this is really the way forward. 2nd user telephone systems equates to second best.

Please speak to one of our Telecoms experts on 0800 6528052, see how much we can save you!   25% OFF

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