3 line phone systems

3_line_phone_systems3 line phone systems are available, however as ISDN gives basically 2 channels each it means that 3 line phone systems are actually better being 4 line phone systems. It’s better if you tell us the size and the requirement of your business so we have an understanding of how you can best operate.


We offer 25% off retail price when you buy on-line. Our experts who will guide you through the whole process from ordering lines for 3 line phone systems (or any number of trunks), to installation, maintenance and training.

3_line_phone_systems_platThere are great deals on Least Cost Routing too. 3 line phone systems when using digital technology offers fantastic features like Call Recording, Conferencing, Hands Free and many more. The handsets which go with 3 line phone systems are modern and easy to navigate when they have an LCD screen.

Please dial 0800 6528052 and see how we can save you money and time.

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