4 business line phones

4_business_line_phonesWe offer discounts off 4 business line phones but we need to understand fully what you are searching for. If it a Telephone System which uses 4 lines then a starting point would be looking at a Samsung OfficeServ 7030 this supports 8 keyphones, 2 POTs and 2 x ISDNs.


4_business_line_phones_platIf you are thinking you want to have 4 business line phones as in four extensions then this is also good. We customise all of our products to suit any customers’ requirements, small or large. 4 business line phones needs to be explained by one of our experts, we have been serving the business world since 1992 and have the understanding that will take you from pre-sales planning and line ordering right through to install, training and maintenance, we even source the best Least cost Routing for you.

All this and 25% off retail price. Dial now on 0800 652 8052 to talk to us about 4 business line phones.

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