4 line business phones

4_line_business_phones4 line business phones are available as standard on most systems, however we think that 4 line business phones are a waste of keys and recommend call distribution throughout. 4 line business phones are in stock now with 25% off retail price.


If you would like to talk to us about 4 line business phones dial 0800 6528052. We will explain features on 4 line business phones which include Conferencing, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Transferring, inbound CLI and many more things connected to 4 line business phones with an LCD screen.

4_line_business_phones_platWe sell 4 line business phones as part of the Samsung Telephone System, in fact we are a leading seller for them and a platinum dealer which gives you the reassurance when purchasing any of your telecommunication equipment.

We are experts in the whole process of Telecoms from ordering lines through to training and maintaining.

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