4 line cordless phone

4_line_cordless_phone_51204_line_cordless_phoneJust look at the benefits that we offer on a 4 line cordless phone. A 4 line cordless phone is a pack of four dect handsets, easy to set-up and ideal for the home worker or busy household. Or maybe you are thinking of a phone system which supports Keysets, POTs and cordless digital telephones. Panasonic, BT.  Samsung manufacture such systems and are available on our website with 25% off retail prices.


A 4 line cordless phone has all the features that you expect including Conference, Voice Mail, Transfer to name but a few. Now that there are many 4 line cordless phone to choose from you can decide which is best for you.  4_line_cordless_phone.pdf


Please dial 0800 6528052 and talk to one of our telecoms experts who can explain fully and guide you through the whole process in deciding the right 4 line cordless phone for you.

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