4 line cordless phones

4_line_cordless_phonesIf you want 4 line cordless phones in your office then choose the award-winning OfficeServ 7030.  4_line_cordless_phones.pdf

On our website you will find an excellent choice of 4 line cordless phones at 25% off retail prices.

The DECT5120 4 line cordless phones have all of the features you would expect including Transferring, Conferencing and Directory to name but a few.

4_line_cordless_phones_platThere are supposedly 4 line cordless phones manufactured by many manufacturers such as BT, Panasonic, Philips and others.  But check them carefully.

If you are thinking of upgrading your business phone system, or purchasing for the first time and feel that you would like guidance in helping to understand all of your options please dial 0800 6528052 for a chat. We specialise in Samsung and are Platinum dealers with experience since 1992, which means that you can buy off us with confidence and know that our telecommunications experts are on hand with any technical support that you require to discuss 4 line cordless phones.

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