4 line phone system cordless

4_line_phone_system_cordlessA 4 line phone system cordless probably means a DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone) pack which has 4 handsets- usually used in the home environment.

We have lots of different packs available on our website, the Panasonic KXT range being the most popular and others such as BT. If this for business use then the OfficeServ 7030 has the flexibility to provide a 4 line phone system cordless in several ways. It can support multiple DECT-phones and if the premises are compact then these need only to be the standard sets and can expand to cope with 8 lines.


4_line_phone_system_cordless_platIf however it is a sprawling site then you should be looking towards Integral-dect, which has many base stations strategically placed in the building meaning the user can roam and not loose signal as this is transferred from one to another.

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Together with Samsung we can get to the 4 line phone system cordless which is right for you.

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