4 line phone systems

4_line_phone_systems_best_buy4_line_phone_systems4 line phone systems have 4 channels coming into the phone-system: usually 2 x ISDNs or 4 analogues. The OfficeServ 7030 allows room for growth as this entry-level PABX can take up to 8 lines and up to 20 extensions which includes 16 digital and 4 analog devices ( these include Fax or Franking machines, PDQs or DECTsets).  4_line_phone_systems.pdf

The beauty of ISDN on 4 line phone systems is that you can rent blocks of 10 numbers, so enabling us to have a better chance of finding a really memorable number for your company. DDI (Direct Dialling Inwards) can save time and money because the traffic is routed to individuals lessening the need for a receptionist, or freeing up yours if you do have one, allowing them to undertake other tasks.

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4_line_phone_systems_platAlso inbound CLI (Caller-Line-identification) shows the information required to be able to answer the phone-call properly, i.e. ‘Good Morning ACCOUNTS’ or whichever department the user is in. But probably the biggest advantage is that you can run as many companies as you want through your PBX.  Again this is shown in the Samsung LCD screen.

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