4 line phone

4_line_phoneThe 4 line phone telephone system that we recommend is4_line_phone_plat the OfficeServ 7030. This is a great all round 4 line phone PABX due to the fact that the possible growth or indeed shrinkage of your company, has been taken into account. This 4 line phone PBX can hold up to 8 channels and 20 assorted extensions, from digital handsets, PDQs, DECT sets ,Fax or Franking machines. The lines used are usually ISDN which come in pairs.

4_line_phone.pdf 4_line_phone_system.pdf

4_line_phone_systemMonitoring the activity of your Switch can be very difficult, thats why the CLI (Caller-Line-Identification) software is such a useful tool as this can show you exactly how many calls are being answered, hearing engaged or being abandoned including the time duration of each, which of your staff doing what. Agent can be logged in or out of groups from either a handset or PC.

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