4 line phones

4_line_phones4 line phones are digital keysets which are linked to a phone system.

We use Call Distribution on 4 line phones unless a receptionist is a dedicated first point of contact. 4 line phones can have the bonus of a Lead-Crystal Display (LCD) screen which will navigate the user easily through the phone’s many features which include Conferencing of up to 4 people, Transferring, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, Recording, Inbound and Outbound log and CLI – plus lots of other great add-ons you get with good quality 4 line phones.


These are just 1 of the products which can be purchased from Telephone Systems Direct.

4_line_phones_plat4 line phones and BEST BUY phone systems are available now at
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If it is phones or any Telecoms enquiries that you have, please dial one of our in house sales team on 0800 652 8052 who will by happy to help.

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