616For a 616 telecoms system we presume you require 6 line / 16 extensions. If you’re searching for a Samsung616 then maybe you are getting mixed up with the Samsung 816 which has now been superseded by the OfficeServ 7030.

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Should you need 616 telephone systems and do want 6 channels and 16 ports then this is the one you should to be looking at. You’ have to order 3 ISDN2 circuits, each providing 2 trunk lines. If we organise these for you the rental of these will be lower that ordering them direct from BT. While slightly more expensive than DEL trunks, in the long run they can save any organisation money.

Call TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 to find out how.

The sixteen handsets could be a mix of analogue; Fax or Franking Machines, PDQs or similar.  We have an extensive range of Keysets which have LCD screens which are clear and guide the user when undertaking tasks on the handset. Voice Mail, CMS and PC office software can all be used on 616 phone platforms.

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