7100 samsung officeserv system

The 7100 Samsung OfficeServ system is the second in the 7000 series range of voice-servers from the Korean manufacturer.

7100_samsung_officeserv_systemFitting between the bottom end OfficeServ7030 and the medium sized OfficeServ7200 the 7100 Samsung OfficeServ system caters for organisations requiring up to twenty-eight ports.  There are two full 7000 slots which could host an ISDN30 module, 16port extension units.

The 7100 Samsung OfficeServ system the added capability of utilising UNI modules. These have three positions for 2DLM, 4SLM, 4DLM daughter-boards. With the MP10 also being able to take one 4 port DLM you can see the 7100 Samsung OfficeServ system has the flexibility of configuration to meet all needs.


Voice mail and VoIP are built-in and enabled through software licensing.

7100_samsung_officeserv_system_PlatTelephone Systems Direct will be happy to provide a detailed quotation with a price you will find difficult to match elsewhere.

With experience from 1992 in supplying Samsung products, we ensure we know your requirements BEFORE installing, but even after commissioning, our trainers will tweak it during the training session.

Phone 0800 652 8052 to benefit from the 7100 Samsung OfficeServ system.

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