8 line phone systems

8_line_phone_systems8 line phone systems are usually using 4 ISDN2e. This provides a much quicker signal and offers great features. Or maybe you are looking at a PBX which can take 8 extensions, either way we would point you in the direction of the OfficeServ range, being that they are one of the market leaders in this area and the fact that they are manufactured in Korea keeps the cost down, add to that we give up to 25% off retail price.

When purchasing 8 line phone systems it is essential that you use a reputable telecommunications company, as the telephone is the first contact many businesses have with their customers or clients, so you want to get it right.


8_line_phone_systems_PlatWe are Platinum Status Samsung Dealers and have been established since 1992. The DS handsets are packed with flexibility and functionality to get the most out of the switch. For 8 line phone systems or any other telecoms enquiries please call us on
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