a Mobex

a_MobexWhat is a mobex?  Well a mobex is a mobile-extension.  Simple as that.  When your desk phone rings and you’re not there then we make your mobile ring.  This is different to external forwarding which is a standard feature on all DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ systems from Samsung.

Implementing a mobex as an external box is very straightforward.  You’ll require some analogue trunks to interface to your MOBEX box which comes with either 2 or 4 GSM transceivers dependant on the amount of traffic you envisage.  The technicians will set-up up to four virtual delivery points when your extension-phone is unanswered which can range from your business-mobile, personal-mobile or PDA.

The current  range has a version of a mobex in software format so there is no need to buy a mobex as a physical item. The mobex functionality is standard provided that your firmware is post late 2009.

One you’ve taken the mobex call you have the PABX’s functionality at your fingertips so that you can transfer the caller to someone else in your office for action.  a_mobex.pdf

For more information on a mobex solution simply pick up you handset and dial Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 where an advisor will be pleased to supply more details.

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