A Wide Samsung Keyset Selection

A_wide_Samsung_keyset_selectionWe have a large offering of Samsung keyset models, all different in functionality depending on what your keyset requirements are. Samsung have catered for every type of organisation and thought of all types of employees when developing their range of Samsung keyset kits.

Prices of the Samsung keyset vary accordingly ranging from a very modest £45 to a spectacular £180!

Samsung_Keysets Brochure  5000series

A_wide_Samsung_keyset_selection_voip_phoneThe low and high ends of the Samsung keyset spectrum: The cheapest Samsung keyset is the Samsung standard keyphone, priced at £45. This Samsung keyset is very basic and is supplied without a display. At the other end of the scale is the Samsung 38 button keyset, which costs £180 (after 25% has been discounted from the recommended retail price) This is a fantastic device, with an LCD screen and with all the features incorporated within it, it is a bargain!

A_wide_Samsung_keyset_selection_PlatHowever, not only do we sell the individual Samsung keyset, but we also provide and install all Samsung extension cards and modules. All reduced at the same 25% discount, our Samsung kit is cheap and affordable. Our Engineering costs are not bad either!!! To find out more about stock and availability, then contact our Sales team on 0800 652 8052.

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