A WiFi Phone

a_wifi_phoneA WiFi Phone gives you the ability to wander round your home or office chatting to your caller.  Our on-line store has an extensive choice of wifi phones for you.   Samsung wireless solutions.pdf

At Telephone Systems Direct we cater for business clients who may want a wifi phone for their VoIP connected study in their house on their personal PABX extension number.

To implement a wifi phone solution in an organisation does require a little thought.  Wi-Fi enables both voice and data radio communications allowing users with laptops and palmtops access to their LAN or WAN.  However a wifi phone needs intelligible speech.  This requires the IT infrastructure to have VoIP-QOS so that v-packets are prioritised over d-packets.  Being delivered in real time is essential for audio comms.

Our advisors (0800 652 8052) can discuss with you what a wifi phone can do and what problems you might encounter with cell handover and black spots on your premises.

a_wifi_phone_platAs a Samsung Platinum accredited partner since 2002 and our establishment in 1992, our primary aim has been to provide an end-user experience above expectation by careful consideration of the client’s requirement and supply of appropriate solutions including minimising annual communication running costs.

So for a wifi phone conversation please do call us, at our expense, on 0800 652 8052.


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