ACD Phone System

acd_phone_systemAn ACD Phone System is a very modern piece of telecommunication equipment. An  ACD phone system incorporates ACD (automatic c distribution) technology to manage and distribute incoming data and voice in the most effective manner required by your organization if taking a large volume of callers. An ACD phone system is the answer for a Call Centre of any size. An ACD phone system offers affordable and expandable usage that automatically routes calls to various groups within the structure. Samsung offer a great ACD phone system package which will be tailored to your needs.


If you are thinking of purchasing an ACD phone system we have experts who will help you to plan where to direct the telecoms traffic, installation and on-going maintenance. With an ACD phone system a Wall Board can be added which is a handy tool for monitoring purposes. An ACD phone system works with management software allowing full control. We have been serving the business world since 1992 and are able to give 25% off RRP. Please Dial 0800 652 8052   acd_phone_system.pdf


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