adsl voip router

adsl_voip_routerWant to join the Voice over IP revolution and make free phone calls via the Internet? Then you’ve a number of choices, including software to run on your PC and digital phones to plug into your network.

Alternatively you can go for an ADSL VoIP Router adapter built in.
Here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we are experts in supplying ADSL Voip Routers and other telecoms solutions to all areas of business industry. Samsung have an array of telecommunication equipment which we can tailor to suit all organisations’ requirements.

VoIP phone systems



adsl_voip_router_platAn ADSL Voip Router probably is not the solution – but with the guidance from one of our experienced technical team together we can come to the products best suited to you from Voip, Broadband through to an OfficeServ package.

A full range of soft and hardware can be viewed on our website or you can understand an ADSL Voip Router  fully by dialling 0800 652 8052, we are ready to take your answer any questions that you might have.

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