advantages of voip

advantages_of_voipWhat are the advantages of VoIP? The main advantages of VoIP are for companies with multiple sites.  All your intra-company communications can be routed either through an existing data circuit or via the Internet at no virtual cost.  For businesses who only operate at a single location the advantages of VoIP are mainly for Home Workers.  Then there’s the recent introduction of SIP Trunks.  These are the result of BT’s 21CN rollout and competitor offerings.  Instead of Analogue or ISDN circuits you are supplied with a dedicated “broadband†pipe for your PSTN traffic.

So back to the advantages of VoIP for multi-site organisations:  each will have its own PABX which can be linked to the IP infra-structure.  As you are paying a monthly rental for your link to the world-wide-web or for inter-site links, voice packets are transmitted over them for No Additional Cost.

voip_advantagesAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we have provided the advantages of VoIP to many of our customers throughout the UK.  Our technicians have been trained on VoIP platforms from Samsung.  The OfficeServ 7000 range & older iDCS models can all provide the advantages of VoIP to you.


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