All Samsung Phones are available to purchase

All_Samsung_Phones_are_available_to_purchaseNo matter which piece of equipment you are looking for, we can guarantee you will find all Samsung phones on our website. Telephone Systems Direct has all Samsung phones catalogued on our site and not only do we have stock of everything you require but we can also sell them at discounted prices.


All Samsung phones: whether they be Samsung 12 Button handsets or Samsung 14B phones are reduced at 25% off RRP.All_Samsung_Phones_are_available_to_purchase_DECT

Samsung phones work with the different Samsung PBX models – The only decision you need to make is which keyphone to choose from – from all the Samsung phones listed.

All Samsung phones on our e-commerce web-site are hands-free – They can be wall mounted or desk-mounted depending on your personal preference. All Samsung phones provide many features and functions for the end user including quick speed dials, directory storage and voicemail.
Should you decide to be mobile, all Samsung phones are compatible with cordless headsets, which allow users to wander the building, whilst still on their conversation.

AAll_Samsung_Phones_are_available_to_purchase_platll Samsung phones can be ordered online: Our easy ordering system allows you to buy phones and accessories on-line – Should you prefer to talk to a real person instead, please call 0800 652 8052 to place your order.

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