an isdn phone

an_isdn_phoneAn ISDN phone is available to plug directly into an ISDN line for home workers who are maybe running a computer off the trunk and want to make a call.

What we believe that most people are really looking when for asking an ISDN phone for is a digital Phone System which uses ISDN to deliver calls into their organization. An ISDN phone is unlike a plain old telephone or POT in that it can provide a whole host of handy features with conferencing, transferring and CLI amongst plenty of others as standard as you will see on our website, we also discount Samsung’s products by 25% .


an_isdn_phone_platWe specialise in Samsung Telecoms and are a platinum dealer meaning that we are one of their top re-sellers – established in 1992 we will give you expert advice if you phone us 0800 652 8052 and talk to our sales team.

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