analog pbx

analog_pbxIf you have an Analog PBX then you’re somewhat out-of-date!

Even in the 1980’s the advent of electronics and digital communications effectively signalled the end of the Analog PBX.  The advantages of digitised signals meant better quality speech as well as the provision of information about the caller and the length of the conversation on the user’s keyset display.

In today’s market you will struggle to purchase an Analog PBX.  Top flight hotels have seen the benefits of improved communication for their guests with voice servers such as Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 series that enable the advertising of the hotel’s facilities.

The Modern PBX

analog_pbx_platSamsung can still provide an Analog PBX if that is what you really want, but why would you do that?  If you do wish to upgrade to a modern PBX solution then a phone call to 0800 652 8052 is a sensible move.  We will give you unbiased advice on the merits of Digital vs Analog – that’s on trunk lines and extensions.  It’s FREE and our PBX products have 25% OFF the RRP.

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