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analog_phone_adapterAn Analog phone adapter is a small piece of equipment which enables you to plug an analog phone into structured cabling. An Analog phone adapter means that a Fax, PDQ, Franking or Answering Machine and a DECT will function off the extensions of a telephone system.analog_phone_adapter_multi
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Where an office is flood wired with CAT5 or CAT6 cable the wall or floor outlet will be in an RJ45 format.  So in order to connect an analogue phone or one of the devices mentioned above, you will require a “Dongle†(Analog phone adapter) which will usually be an LJU2/1 using old telecom parlance.

analog_phone_adapter_twinIt makes more sense to speak to the experts who know all about which is the right Analog phone adapter to use in your specific scenario.

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