analog phone line

analog_phone_lineAn Analog Phone Line from the PSTN is an exchange line which is provided by your Network Service Provider.

An Analog phone line can sit alongside SIP or ISDN channels.

Broadband & Red Care trunks are actually Analog phone lines – which causes confusion to some of our customers.

We are leading installers of telephone systems into organisations and invariably we use a mix of all of the above to provide the right soution.

The Samsung OfficeServ is a perfect platform for providing businesses with a product which can be programmed to perform in a whole array of ways. A typical scenario of an Analog phone line is for the security of a dedicated alarm line, or for connecting a PC to the Internet which is uninterrupted with call traffic.  But then again you may wish to consider VoIP comms.  Samsung OfficeServ.pdf

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about the uses of an Analog phone line or have any other queries regarding telecommunications please dial us now on 0800 652 8052.

We can even order an Analog phone line for you and take all the hard work out of buying a new PBX.  (25% OFF)

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