analog phone

analog_phoneAn Analog phone is the American spelling translated to Analogue in English.

analog_phone_-_noveltyAn Analog phone is referring to a handset which hangs off a telecom system. An Analog phone could also be the term to mean A POT (plain old telephone) or an answering machine and a cordless  DECT.  Even a PDQ, franker or a Fax is recognised by the switch as an Analog phone with the use of adapters to change to digital from the Analog phone setting.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can provide any number of single line extensions off an OfficeServ for any of these devises without the need for an individual PSTN / Exchange circuit. An Analog phone can be programmed to suit your company’s’ requirements and a member of our experienced team can guide you through the buying process from the ordering of ISDN and Broadband/SIP.  A full pre-plan and installation and the reassurance that we maintain customers all over the UK with in-house trainers plus technical support engineers as back up.

Samsung’s analog_phone range.pdf

analog_phone_platFor more information please dial 0800 652 8052

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