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analog_phonesAnalog phones in conjunction with a telephone system do not necessarily mean handsets. Analog phones can actually be recognised as an answering or franking machine, a bedlam bell, fax or ATM. Analog phones are available on our website at 25% off retail price.

We sell all other telecoms apparatus from adaptors to full OfficeServ systems.
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analog_phones_pbxAnalog phones are still widely used in home enviroments with more business people choosing to work from theirs via VoIP. This is why when looking for Analog phones it helps to talk to one of our technical experts who will explain digital solutions which carry more functionality namely Recording, CLIP, conferencing to name but three.

We have been serving industries since 1992 and we are Samsung Platinum dealers – being a top seller and maintainer covering the whole of mainland United Kingdom (including the Isle of White)

0800 652 8052 is the number to dial now to get advice on the Analog phones for you.

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