analog telephone

analog_telephoneMention an Analog telephone and you will imagine a handset which is right of course but to a telephone system an Analog telephone could technically be a loud bell, franking or answering machine or PDQ which is adapted with the use of an adapter called a dongle – sometimes referred to as a “Mod Tap”.

We have lots of Analog telephones such as Cordless DECT from the manufacturers Philips, Analog Headsets from Plantronics, as-well-as Polycom & BT plus others  to choose from on our website along with many other products from Cable to PABX switches.  We have been in the telecommunications industry since 1992 and with Platinum status with Samsung it means the we carry and supply stock to maintain all of our database of UK customers.analog_telephone_plat

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Up-to-date communications solutions for organisations wanting to purchase new or upgrade their old systems. Call 0800 652 8052 for advice on the best Analog telephone for you.

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