Analog Terminal Adaptor

Analog_Terminal_Adaptor_25_OFFAnalog_Terminal_Adaptor_100An analog terminal adaptor, (ATA) is a device used to connect one or more standard analogue telephones to a digital and/or non-standard telephone-system such as a VoIP based network. An analog terminal adaptor is required for DECT handsets, Faxes, PDQs and Answering Machines in order for them to be recognized on a digital switch. 

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are Samsung platinum re-sellers installing and maintaining phone systems the length and breadth of the UK. We use analog terminal adapters in all of our installations. We offer a 25% discount off the OfficeServ range of telecoms equipment and give great savings off hundreds of other products on our website.

Analog_Terminal_AdaptorPlease dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to us with any telecoms related questions. Whether it is CMS, Voice Mail with record, Auto Attendant, Business-to-Business mobile phones or the Lowest cost call tariff that we can find for your company.



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