Answering 1st or 2nd Ring

Welcome to our next article in the “10 Things to Consider†series on phone manners. In today’s topic we are going to suggest that you should be prompt when you answer customers on the phone.

This will make a positive impression with the caller and so the call will immediately be better than if you let the phone systems ring four or five times or more.

Answering_1st_or_2nd_ringYou do need to appreciate that when the person on the other end of the line is listening to it ringing out, time goes much more slowly than normal. This is because they have no distractions of any kind. They are simply hearing the sound of the phone systems’ announcement tone. The enquirer who feels that he has been hanging on the phone systems for ages will soon begin to think that they are of little importance to the firm that they are calling and become short-tempered at the delays.

In fact the longer phone systems phones remains unanswered the more their irritation will grow and it could possibly see them putting the handset down. As this might have been a welcome sales enquiry this is a seriously undesirable outcome for the company.

If the customer has a complaint or query then it is possible that you will have more trouble dealing with them if you have irritated them further before you have even answered the telephone system.

So remember that answering phone systems promptly sends a strong message to the other party. They get the feeling that you represent a well organised business and that you are eager to deal with them. They are bound to have a more satisfying experience when you respond to calls efficiently on your phone systems.    

Hopefully you’ll put this tip on phone systems etiquette into effect at once.  Please feel free to share it via your preferred social media website and/or pass it on to your colleagues.

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