Answering Machine Phone

Answering_Machine_PhoneThe answering machine phone selection in our on-line warehouse is staggering!  You will find about one hundred answering machine phone models there.

There is a good choice of manufacturers of answering machine phone units with Analogue, DECT and Wi-Fi answering machine phone varieties to choose from.

Telephone Systems Direct asks you to consider answering machine phone emulation IF you have a phone system as this might be a more appropriate solution than a dedicated answering machine phone.  Answering_Machine_Phone.pdf

This facility can answer multiple calls for individual employees and store them in their own mail box, or group mailboxes.  Options for delivering the recorded messages range from forced or timed delivery, to conversion into a wav file and emailing to wherever the recipient may be.

Answering_Machine_Phone_platSo you can see that a business application for an answering machine phone could well be totally different for the home or small office but dependant on the usage could be cost justified.

Answering machine phone pricing can be sub £30 if you’re after a really keen price.

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