Answering Machine Telephone

Answering_Machine_TelephoneTo choose your answering machine telephone simply click on the icon above for the on-line store.  You will find about a hundred answering machine telephone units available.Answering_Machine_Telephone_DECT

BUT before you do, can we ask you to consider what do you want from your answering machine telephone?  If it’s only to record a greeting to play back while the office is closed and save messages from the odd caller then please carry on.

Should you have a phone system then just buying an answering machine telephone might not be the best of solutions for you.


Why not ring Telephone Systems Direct, speak to an advisor on 0800 652 8052 and tell them what you are trying to achieve?  They will give you a no nonsense answer and identify the most appropriate answering machine telephone for you.

Answering_Machine_Telephone_platThe advantage of the Samsung SVM range of voicemail products takes the answering machine telephone to a new level.  Not only can it handle several calls simultaneously, it can provide mailboxes for everyone who needs one, can send any recordings to individual’s mobile phones, or even convert them to wav files & email to them – wherever they are in the world.

So you can select your answering machine telephone online or seek our advice on 0800 652 8052.


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