Answering Machines

Answering_Machines_DECTAnswering Machines are great for users who need to keep in touch all of the time. There are no more fiddly tapes to deal with now since everything on answering machines is recorded digitally.
Recording is a lot clearer and sharper than they previously were on the older style Answering machines.

Answering_MachinesAnswering machine messages are accessed or deleted at the press of a button and an outgoing announcement is simple and easy to record. Answering machines are an absolute must for anybody working in a home office environment as we all know that any call which is missed is more than likely to be of huge importance to any business.

Answering machines also make a less expensive option to voice mail when a company only has a few extensions running off a telephone system.


Answering_Machines_platWe have a large choice of Answering machines in our on-line catalogue.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 with any enquiries.

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