Answering Service

Answering_ServiceAn Answering Service can be supplied remotely by  BT or other networks however this is not really a reliable or professional solution for businesses.

Answering_Service_25_OFFAn answering service in the guise of Voice Mail is much more flexible and the Samsung OfficeServ offers complete functionality and ease in their Answering service. With the on-site training that we provide we can train all users to be able to action and change their mailbox greetings, how to listen to inbound messages then either save, delete or forward to their colleagues with an additional introduction which is a huge advantage when note’s sometimes go amiss.

The # key actions what we call a ‘quick memo’ this means that important details can be dropped in their work mates voice-mail, which is a brilliant answering service if the person is engaged or in a meeting as it by-basses their telephone and drops it straight into the VM box.Answering_Service_plat


If you would like to discuss answering services in more detail in the form of Voice-Mail, Auto Attendant or any other of your telecoms enquiries please dial us on
0800 652 8052

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