Answering System

Answering_SystemWhen referring to an Answering System on an OfficeServ we could be talking either a Voice Mail system or an Auto Attendant both of which have massive benefits for businesses. Although in the ideal world people want to speak to a person, this isn’t always possible – lunches, breaks, holidays, etc.

The Voice-Mail Answering system manufactured by Samsung offers a huge range of features which gives the users full control of the Answering system, like the ability to listen to messages and the save, delete or forward these to colleagues with an introduction.

A Quick Memo # key option.

Remote access to the Answering system for staff working out of hours.

Ease of use when recording and changing their greetings.

Answering_System_25_OFFWe maintain telephone systems all over the UK.

Call Record is now a legal requirement for certain business so to get this on your Answering system is a cost saving solution.


Answering_System_platFor advice on an Answering system or any telecommunication enquiries please dial 0800 652 8052, we have experts in these fields to help you.

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