Are They Real Or Just A Trading Name

This is the next article in our series on “10 Things to Consider” when choosing a supplier.

Just like us there are many retailers that operate under assumed names to ensure their sales input meets the targets set to generate income.

phone_systems_005Today our first port of call for anything from pizzas to phone systems is the Internet.  It is the ubiquitous tool which informs us what’s out there and the headline price we are going to have to pay to achieve our goal.  Unfortunately not everyone is prepared to browse through thousands of pages of blurb so it is imperative that your website figures on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other of the hundreds or search-engines that are out there.  By promoting your business under other facades it caters to the different tastes of the searchers, who prefer one form of words, or page layout, than the others.

So if you are searching for capital equipment acquisitions such as phone systems, or colour photo copiers, delve a bit deeper into their site’s “About Us†section to see if there’s any mention of the fact that the trading name is part of a larger entity.  Of course you could look at the “web-check†to investigate if the moniker really exists.

When you have decided that the item and service described are to your taste, ring them up, but after the introductory conversation concerning the targeted product, ask them a direct question: “What is your registered number with Companies House�  You can then double-check.

It is possible that outfits who have invested in this operational mode are well worth dealing with, providing they are creditworthy, have manufacturer accreditation, and with customer endorsements that can be verified.

As we implied at the beginning we are successful in having 2 or 3 of our sites feature in Google’s top 10 listings for most phrases searched for in the telephony / phone systems topics.  Our Samsung Platinum Business Partner accolade, together with being a recent holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy leads us to believe that we are achieving our aims of bringing phone systems, accessories, and support in telecoms solutions to businesses throughout the UK via our diverse routes.

Watch out for Article 6 which will focus on – recommendations and testimonials.

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