Attendant Auto Phone System

attendant_auto_phone_systemAn attendant auto phone system is actually software bolted onto a phone system which automatically answers an incoming call and either re-directs or if on a timer will announce prompts tailored to businesses needs. An attendant auto phone system can in some cases be a part of the Voice Mail package this being this case with this Samsung switches that we supply and maintain. An attendant auto phone system can easily be changed once set-up with the use of a dedicated key.



Other things to consider when upgrading or purchasing a new attendant auto phone system is the other great features which come as standard on an OfficeServ for instance conferencing with or without a Polycom, Transferring, Caller management (CMS) on a PC, hands free speaker, 200+ directory dependant on the size of the PBX.

attendant_auto_phone_system_platTo speak to one of our experts about an attendant auto phone system or another telecoms enquiries please dial 0800 652 8052.

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