Audio Conferencing Phone Polycom

Audio_Conferencing_Phone_PolycomIf you have a requirement for an Audio Conferencing Phone – Polycom is ideal – you need look no further. We have supplied many different customers  with an Audio Conferencing Phone from Polycom’s product portfolio.


There are a few parameters to consider when choosing the correct set-up. First is the number of people which will be involved in the conference session and then the size of the room in which your Audio Conferencing Phone Polycom will be located.

Audio_Conferencing_Phone_Polycom_25_OFFThe Audio Conferencing Phone Polycom range includes for small offices to large meeting rooms.

The basic unit is the SoundStation 2 that provides a central speaker with 3 directional microphones.

For larger audiences the speech can be amplified through a hi-fidelity system.  Also microphone numbers can be increased if you wish.

You can even audio conferencing without a phone line as there is a version that communicates to the outside world through a cellphone.

Call Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 6528052 to discuss your Polycom Audio Conferencing Phone solution.


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