Audio Conferencing Phones

There is a plethora of Audio Conferencing Phones and their choice depends on how many of your staff you intend to involve in a conference at that location.  If there will be only two or three in a small office, then the Samsung OfficeServ 5000 range key telephones are perfectly adequate as they incorporate a built in microphone & speaker.  Audio_Conferencing_Phones.pdf

Audio Conferencing Phones also cater for larger conferences such as for the project meeting or calls to your sales force.  Here a more specialised Audio Conference Phone will be more appropriate as ten or twenty people may be round the table. Should you require a number of conference microphones & perhaps extension speakers, these can be provided via wired or by blue-tooth technology.

At Telephone Systems Direct we have access to a variety of Audio Conferencing Phones which will satisfy your requirement.

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