AudioConferenceAt Telephone Systems Direct we can advise which AudioConference product or application will be right for your business.

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Many businesses frequently need more than 2 people participating in phone conversations. This is achieved today by the Audioconference feature of a company’s telephony system, an Audioconference terminal, or through a Conference “bridgeâ€.

AudioConference_SSAn Audioconference can include both internal and external parties to the limit of the product’s specification. In the Samsung’s DCS, iDCS & OfficeServ products you can involve up to 5 participants in each Audioconference. When each person has concluded their participation they can be removed from the Audioconference by hanging up.  AudioConference.pdf

Audioconference Bridges are of use for business-people who are mobile & may not know their precise location at the time of the Audioconference. They are supplied by the likes of BT where each user is provided with a Audioconference number & entry password.  When ready, they dial into the Audioconference to participate.


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