Auto Dialer

Auto_DialerAuto Dialer is a piece of software sold by Amcat.   Auto dialer is very expensive – in fact you can only lease it.

What an Auto dialer is, is forced dialling used by some call centres. Auto dialer is what is happening when people answer their phone only to hear silence – then an automated voice kicks in selling Debt Management or similar.

We recommend the Samsung Telephony Server application which automatically dials a list of numbers but only when an agent is ready without the annoyance that an Auto-dialler creates. Auto_Dialer Phone Systems

Auto_Dialer_platThe amount of complaints about such nuisance calls to OFCOM indicates that this product could well be outlawed.

Auto_Dialer_25_OFFWe have been established since 1992 and offer tailored solutions for all industries.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading or are purchasing a new Telephone PBX then we can pre-plan how you would like it to work; organise and order your lines.  Installation and Maintenance are undertaken by our engineers. No matter how many extensions you need we have the package to suit your business.

Please dial us on 0800 652 8052 to speak to us about Auto dialer applications or indeed any other enquiries.

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