Auto Dialers

Auto_DialersAuto dialers are a product made by Amcat, and can not be bought direct from any telecom dealers in the UK – making Auto dialers very expensive, in fact you can not buy Auto dialers only lease them.

When a person answers the phone and is met with silence, then seconds later a recorded message kicks in, usually selling Debt Management or similar, these are Auto diallers and, of course, they annoy people!

Auto_Dialers_25_OFFMore advanced versions of Auto dialers give the option to press 5 for yes, 9 to erase your number.  However most have already hung up before they hear these prompts.

We do not recommend Auto Dialers – instead we prefer the Samsung Telephony Server software which still automatically dials from a list of numbers.  The difference being that these do not activate until an operator is actually free. In Call Centres this can mean huge savings – especially where there are a lot of agents. auto_dialers.pdf

Auto_Dialers_platOFCOM receive hundreds of complaints about Auto dialers and general consensus is that soon these could be outlawed in this country.

Please telephone us on 0800 652 8052 with any enquiries or concerns.

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