Automated Phone System

Automated_Phone_SystemAn automated phone system is basically a modern phone-system that allows Automatic Call Distribution. The OfficeServ automated phone system is a good all-round PABX with SIP, ISDN or Analogue lines. Automated_Phone_System.pdf

Automated_Phone_System_platThe smaller of the range being the OfficeServ7030. At the Enterprise end is the larger OfficeServ7400. All of the features being the same whatever the size. They can all be VoIP’d together to create LANs (Large Area Networks) – ideal for multi-site companies or organisations that employ home workers or reps out on the road.

Automated_Phone_System_25_OFFThis can be achieved by either using VOIP handsets or Soft-phones which are loaded onto a PC or laptop to gain access anywhere in  the world.  The beauty of this is that BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields) shows users which extensions are available or engaged. Supervisors benefit from CMS (Management Software) as this gives a true picture of traffic flow throughout the switch.

To understand fully the Samsung automated phone system please dial 0800 652 8052 to speak to one of our team of experts.

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