Automated Telephone System

Automated_Telephone_SystemAn automated telephone system is really a long winded way of saying a PBX which allows automatic call distribution, in other words a phone-system.

We specialise in the Samsung range of automated telephone systems. We actually believe these to be the best around, not only in their ability to keep the telecommunications technology up-to-date but also in the fact that they manufacture their products in Korea keeping all of the kit realistically priced.  On top of this we discount all hardware up to 25% off RRP.



Automated_Telephone_System_platSome of the features which can be used with an automated telephone system are Trunk-to-Trunk Transferring, Conferencing, CLI (inbound and outbound), Contacts Directory, Call-Logging, and Pick-Up. Additions can be added to an automated telephone system including Voice Mail, Call-Record (which is a legal requirement in certain industries) Auto-Attendant and CMS.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 to speak to a member of our team about your automated telephone system enquiries.

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