Automated Telephone Systems

Automated_Telephone_SystemsAutomated telephone systems or as they are more commonly known as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or telephone-system which uses Automatic Call Distribution.

Automated_Telephone_Systems_best_buyWe believe that the OfficeServ range is unbeatable on both price and up-to-date technology that is why we are dedicated Samsung Platinum dealers installing and maintaining organisations and companies of all sizes all over the UK.  Automated_Telephone_Systems.pdf

Automated_Telephone_Systems_platWe aid you in every aspect of ordering automated telephone systems Automated_Telephone_Systems_25_OFFfrom finding you great numbers and requesting your lines through to pre-install planning meetings and our own fully accredited engineers will then complete installation followed by an optional visit from our in-house trainers to teach you, on site, how to use your phone-system properly so that you get the most out of features such as conferencing, trunk-to-trunk transfers, Voice Mail and CMS. We find you the lowest calls and the best business mobile phones contracts.

To discover our how we can help your company please dial 0800 652 8052

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