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Having decided to spend thousands of pounds choosing a manufacturer of phone systems it may be sensible to ask yourself the question:  “Who is going to be my best bet for implementing and maintaining it in working order?

phone_systems_-_awardsIt’s always a practical idea to be aware of awards that have been given by that particular industry sector – like PC AdvisorAwards – these are voted for by end users.  By being cognisant of who people think provide good advice or services, you can factor this into the equation for selecting the right supplier?

phone_systems_CRN_awardIn telecoms you can view the CRN Channel Awards – don’t just look at this year’s. Look back over the past five or so.

Manufacturers also give their resellers an acknowledgement for their levels of accomplishments.

If all the dealer’s technicians are trained on all their products, that’s excellent news – some dealers have one technician per product that is certified.  He then has to guide the others over the phone when they encounter problems – needless to say that their level of recognition won’t be as high as the organisation where all the engineers have been on all the training courses.

Awards__RecognitionAnnual audits are performed, so do check out that advertised badges of Accreditation are valid – scan the manufacturer’s website to seek confirmation.

Where you discover a firm that can boast impeccable accreditation AND any recognisable award in recent years – you’re pretty certain to have found a pot of gold!  If they offer discounted prices as well, put them at the top of your short list for an in-depth investigation.

Don’t be frightened of asking them about these accolades, because they’ll be only too happy to tell you about them – you’ll learn a lot about how they operate!

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