Being Prepared

Being_PreparedWelcome to our next article in the “10 Things to Consider†series on phone manners.

In today’s topic we are going to suggest that you should “Be-“, as they say in the Boy Scouts – “Preparedâ€:-

Your phone systems ring constantly and you need to be ready for those important callers. If you are fumbling for information when asked a question it is irritating to the person at the other end of the line while you locate it.        

The best way to understand this is to try to imagine yourself in their position. What are your thoughts when you are requested to hold while they “find a piece of paper� You would probably think how ill-prepared they are. So make sure that you have a writing implement and pad to hand before responding to a ringing phone!    

The same applies when you arrive first thing in the morning. If you rush in at the last minute you won’t have had time to fire up your PC, so then, what use are you? Aim to get in to work five minutes early so that you can hit the ground running right from the beginning of business hours.    

This means your computer is fired-up and has the correct programmes open so all of the knowledge that you require is at your fingertips. You will gain a confidence that is infectious and you will enjoy being prompt with your responses. More importantly it gives a very good impression about you and your firm if you answer your phone systems efficiently.

Hopefully you’ll put this tip on answering phone systems into practice straight-away.  Please feel free to pass it on to your colleagues and/or share it via your preferred social media website.

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