Bespoke IVR

Bespoke_IVRBespoke IVR – Interactive Voice Response.

Bespoke IVR is a telecoms application which means that callers are answered immediately using Voice-recognition or a touch-tone keypad.

It directs the caller to the department they want via a series of prompts.

Using Bespoke IVR: Users can access self-service features such as listening to their account details (like telephone banking). It is now as popular as ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Clients can integrate their database so that callers fully automate the contact process. Bespoke IVR applications are available from Samsung Telecoms as part of the OfficeServ 7100, 7030, 7200 and 7400.  Bespoke_IVR.pdf

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Bespoke_IVR_platTelephone-Systems-Direct installs and maintains phone-systems of all sizes, all over the UK. We have our own accredited trained engineers and in-house trainers. We offer advice on all aspects of telecommunications including CMS, AA , Voice Mail with record.

Please dial 0800 652 8052 to talk to us about Bespoke IVR or to discuss how we can bring your costs down on your calls

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