Best for Systems

Best for Systems is such an interesting phrase that all telecom dealers would love to claim to hold the title! 
There is a dealer called Best 4 Systems – that’s not us!

Best_for_SystemsBest for Systems can be interpreted in lots ways. For instance is this purely a costing exercise? Or would you like to see which great features are available when you Google the phrases “Best for Systems†or “Best Phone Systems� Perhaps you are interested in the company which you are to choose when searching Best for Systems from supply to install and, of course, who will maintain your switch?

Maybe Best for Systems is something different but whatever you mean by Best for systems be sure to look at the TelephoneSystemsDirect website for your answers as we are Samsung Platinum suppliers and have been installing OfficeServ and its predecessors (DCS, Compact-I, Compact-II, DCS408, DCS816, etc) since 1992 . We are experts on all aspects of the telecommunications industry.

OfficeServ Phone Systems

Best_for_Systems_25_OFFWe can offer you easy-to-understand explanations about lines and LCR. We will help you decide how many extensions and POTs you require and how you would want these to perform. Voice Mail, SIP, DDI, CLI, CLIP, Auto Attendant, Call Management software, Conferencing, the list of Best for Systems functions is endless.

Best_for_Systems_platinumAs you can imagine, a dealership that has been crowned SME Reseller of the Year has an extensive portfolio of services. We have recently – with in-house trainers and a brilliant team of engineers, if this is what you meant by Best for Systems then please dial us now on 0800 652 8052.

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